Boat Lift

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The boat lift is a single side lift poles with all mechanics enclosed and operates as a stand-alone system not reliant on mains power. The wear parts are entirely 316 stainless steel and expected to have a near maintenance free life.

What we are selling:

  • Stand-alone Cantilever boat lift
  • All 316 stainless steel and galvanised steel construction
  • Silent dc worm gear winch
  • Weather sealed electronics
  • Solar charged to ensure ease of installation and boating that’s not reliant on grid power supply
  • Battery life should be many years due to constant controlled charging
  • Remote controlled operation with a manual backup
Key features:
  • Simplicity, your boat is always ready and looking its best
  • Clean lines leaving an uncluttered waterfront
  • No visible cables, pipes or wires adds to safety as well as overall neatness of the installation.
  • Shallow draft operation, less than 20cm below keel
  • Silent operation for those early morning expeditions
  • Solar charged deep cycle battery system, keeps the lift ready and in top condition
  • High efficiency, well over 15 launch and retrieves off the battery so bad weather is no hindrance to function
  • No large structure in the water to become fouled
  • No hull damage as can be caused by sliding up a traditional floating dock
  • Simplicity of operation, all remote controlled
  • Specifically designed for the marine environment
  • Merges form and function. creates a display piece of any vessel