GM Lifts – Jetski Lift


Jet Ski Lift
This lift system was specifically designed for use in the St Francis bay marina. Primary design considerations were low maintenance, hassle free operation with a neat sophisticated form that would complement any canal home.

The concept was to provide a more secure means of storing a jet ski while keeping it well out of the water, where it can be washed, drained, covered and be ready for the next weekend visit. Lifting and lowering are quick and quiet requiring only the push of a button.

All power is provided by bank of deep cycle batteries which are kept charged by a built in solar panel, the entire system is self-sustaining and requires no unsightly and inconvenient power leading to the lift.

The lifting mechanism relies on a low voltage DC motor coupled to a Varvel worm gearbox which serves as an intrinsic maintenance free braking system the lift is connected by aircraft grade SS316 cable, all running gear is machined bearing plastic or 316 Stainless steel. The design intent is a very low maintenance structure that will continue looking neat and rust free for many years even if left unrinsed.
The lifting cradle is fabricated entirely of Balau hardwood and 316 stainless steel, with high density foam rubber landing pads.

Specification overview

  • Low voltage dc motor
  • Deepcycle batteries
  • Solar panel charge control
  • Manual and/or remote control operation
  • All 316 Stainless steel exposed components
  • Long, low maintenance lifespan
  • Secure, all weather Jetski storage
  • Silent dc worm gear winch
  • Weather sealed electronics

Key features:

  • Simplicity, your Jetski is always ready and looking its best
  • Clean lines leaving an uncluttered waterfront
  • No visible cables, pipes or wires add to safety as well as overall neatness of the installation.
  • Shallow draft operation, only 20cm below keel
  • Silent operation for those early morning expeditions
  • High efficiency, well over 15 launch and retrieves off the battery alone so bad weather is no hindrance to function
  • No large structure in the water to become fouled
  • No hull damage as caused by sliding up a rough floating dock
  • Simplicity of operation, all remote controlled
  • Specifically designed for the marine environment
  • Merges form and function. creates a display piece of your Jetski