The new breed of luxury pontoon boats, as well as other heavier boats, require more power to move through the water, especially at low speeds and when maneuveringmanoeuvring in close quarters. While standard outboards may have the horsepower, they lack the extra thrust to muscle around these bigger boats. That’s why Suzuki Marine introduced the new DF60AV outboard motors with High Energy Rotation.

The DF60AV features a specially engineered lower unit based on Suzuki’s proven DF140A. This new lower unit has a powerful 2.42:1 gear ratio and turns a larger, 14-inch diameter propeller. In factory testing, the combination of this lower gear ratio and larger prop on the DF60AV delivered an impressive 42% improvement in forward thrust force, and an even more amazing 136% improvement in reverse thrust when compared to a standard DF60A outboard. This kind of power not only provides precise control at low speeds, it also delivers quicker hole shots and better performance at speed.

The DF60AV share the same three-cylinder 12-valve dual overhead camshaft powerhead found on Suzuki’s popular DF60A outboards. In addition, the DF60AV also features multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection and Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System for improved fuel economy over a wider RPM range.


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